The Club Origins

The late Terry Shanahan & Peter McCarthy were at a party just prior to the commencement of the 1966-67 season. Terry & Peter were talking about Old Scholars and cricket; it was suggested that we try to arrange a cricket team. Peter, who knew the Chairman of ATCA, rang him (Don Bartlett) inquiring re the possibility of entering a cricket team in Adelaide Turf. As luck would have it, the hardwicket grade (A8) had a vacancy. We had no hard wicket; it did not bother the Turf Association that we would be playing on turf.


Within two weeks they had arranged to practise at the Junior School and to use the small oval there for home matches. Most of the equipment was purchased on credit from the late Peter Nelson & Marjorie (who is currently our Governor). The late Fr Stephen Bowler S.J. was very enthused by and supportive of the idea. Thus we were able to use school facilities. Practice equipment was stored under the old Queen St building.


The first match was against Glenelg Stragglers at Ascot Park Primary School. Unfortunately the match was abandoned on the second Saturday due to the school fair requiring the oval; the school had failed to advise Glenelg Stagglers of this. After two or three matches we had sufficient players to field another team. As one club had withdrawn its team due to an inability to field sufficient players we were able to fill the gap.


On the occasion that the A Grade played the B Grade (Second Team) the A Grade completed an outright win in one day; a little contrived so that we did not have to play on the Saturday before Christmas – we extended the playing time a little.



The First Game

Date: 8 October 1966

Against: Glenelg Stragglers at Ascot Park Primary School

Team: P McCarthy (faced the first ball and scored the first run), J Whelan (bowled the first ball), T Shanahan (took the first wicket), C McCarthy, M Peake, Terry Anderson, Tim Anderson, A Barnes, D Stoddart, A Sweeney, T O’Brien

No play on second Saturday due to a fair being held on the oval.


Old Ignatians 1st Innings

P McCarthyNot Out86
J WhelanB Williams8
C McCarthyB Bartlett7
M PeakeC Anderson47
Tim AndersonB Low1
T ShanahanLBW Low11
Terry AndersonB Anderson2
A BarnesC Yeats6
D StoddartB Anderson3
T SweeneyB Bartlett4
T O’BrienDNB 
Total 9/192 dec
FOW: 1/21, 2/36, 3/125, 4/130, 5/162, 6/165, 7/172, 8/178, 9/192


Glenelg Stranglers 1st Innings

FreestoneNot Out17
PeelB Shanahan0
VillierC Whelan0
AndersonNot Out0
Total 2/18
FOW: 1/5, 2/14